Karen Todd is Busy

Busy leading global marketing for Kyowa Hakko.

Busy chairing Women in Nutraceuticals.

Busy finding connections between brain health & performance.

So when she took a few minutes to explain how best to formulate for women and build a more gender-balanced industry, we listened. 

Curious to see what the world of nutraceuticals will look like in the years to come? We suggest you tune in below, because Karen is already busy building it. 

We “Moved In” with Karen Todd, VP of Global Marketing, Kyowa Hakko and Chair, Women in Nutraceuticals (WIN) to discuss the importance between conducting research studies and the needs of those working directly with women.  Karen, who has been instrumental at Kyowa Hakko for almost 20 years, provides guidance on how to design a sports nutrition study that informs the work of registered dietitians and fitness trainers while benefiting consumers. Karen also discusses the success of cognitive health ingredients in the sports nutrition space and important connections between brain health and performance. As part of the WIN board, Karen talks about the connection and importance of women in all roles throughout the dietary supplement industry including research, marketing, and c-suite positions.

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