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In today’s sports nutrition landscape, women in sports nutrition are often underrepresented. From ingredient research to sports nutrition dietary supplements, information and product development is lacking. I have noticed in my 15+ years in the industry the shortfall of research on women athletes and active nutrition users in the sports nutrition space coupled with the demand of products geared toward women. Although some advances have been made to include women in research, we are not close to meeting the demand in the market.

The underrepresentation of women in sports nutrition related studies has led to the lack of product development and innovation across the industry. We take a deeper dive on where we are today as it relates to women in sports, what is missing from the research, and what are the next steps in women’s research that can get a category desperate for innovation up to par with its growing demand.

Move Nutrition is excited for the release of its sports nutrition digital platform. Information provided on the platform is a mix of statistical data, published research, and opinions from experts in the sports nutrition community. We are excited to combine category intensive articles, podcasts, the latest research, and sports nutrition event recaps into one platform.

Elyse Lovett, MBA, MS
Editor – Move Nutrition

We talk to several experts to understand the current state of sports nutrition for women, the areas for growth and the market conditions driving consumer demand.

Market stats, trends and growth categories.

RED-S and the implications of chronic underfueling.

Active aging & a new marker for joint health. 

Jen Dieter: finding strength in her 40s.

Building the future of women in nutrition.

The women-led studies that are driving innovation.

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