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Active Cognition

Cognitive health ranked among the top active nutrition trends in our recent sports and active nutrition practitioner survey. Our next quarterly takes an in-depth look at the state of the research and the ingredients that are making an impact on cognitive performance among active individuals.

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Move Nutrition Network connects sports dietitians and fitness trainers to the individuals who innovate in the area of performance nutrition by featuring insights, best practices, market trends and ingredient innovations focused on sport and active nutrition. 

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Our Proactive Recovery issue looks at the steps sports dietitians, nutritionists and trainers can take to speed recovery for their clients. We breakdown the latest research on exercise recovery including using HMB for muscle recovery, as well as a whole host of recovery strategies from well-known industry researchers and experts like Dana Angelo White, Chris Mohr and Kerri Marshall and Rob Wildman. Read the issue.

The role of gut and digestive health in sports and active nutrition has received a lot of industry attention in recent years. Consumers are tuned into the connection between gut health and general wellness, and the nutrition research expands the understanding of our digestive health everyday. Our Quarterly on gut health provides a look at this important market, from stats showing it’s year over year growth, to a roundup of the latest research. We also profile emerging ingredients focused on active nutrition, like Kyowa’s Immuse post biotic for immune health. Read the issue.

An overlooked, under-researched area of sports and active nutrition, sports and active nutrition for women was the obvious choice for our very first quarterly. We assess the issue, relying on the most prominent voices advocating for more research for active women. Check out the quarterly to understand the issues regarding women’s sports nutrition research, features on breakthrough ingredients, and a look at female researches changing the status quo to address the unique needs of active women. Read the issue.

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