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Looking for a primer? Our editor, Elyse Lovett, provides an overview of the science behind exercise recovery and the importance of nutrition’s role in ensuring your client’s see steady progress in their workouts   

Check out our first Move Nutrition Learning Lab webinar featuring a few stellar experts in the active nutrition space. Dana White, Chris Mohr and Shawn Baier provide tips you can take directly to your clients as they look to improve recovery time. 

Dr. Rob Wildman is one of the preeminent authorities on protein’s role in sports nutrition, so we jumped at the chance to ask him all of our burning exercise recovery questions about protein. He covers recommended amounts, timing and thoughts on plant-based proteins.

Naturopathic doctor and WIN member Keri Marshall addresses the keys to recovery, not just for athletes, but for  everyday active individuals no matter their age. 

Denis knows you’re not the sit on the couch, skip a workout type. Neither is he. That’s why he’s pulled together recovery tips for the athletes who still play on off days. Unless it’s pickleball. 

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