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Gut & Digestive Health for active Nutrition

Research on digestive health and sports nutrition is still emerging. The complex interactions within the gut microbiome and its role in sports & active nutrition presents exciting opportunities for the study of nutrition and exercise science to determine new insights, breakthrough products, and best practices in terms of how we adapt our new understanding of the microbiome into exercise best practices and active lifestyle habits.

The connection between the microbiome and active nutrition includes research on nutrient metabolism, immune function, cognitive performance, the role of “biotics,” as well as inflammation and recovery. While more research is needed to understand how the gut microbiome affects athletic performance, a key area of interest includes studying the level of exercise and how it affects the gut microbiome. For example, if the gut microbiome is in fact effected by exercise intensity – what impact will that have on future athletic performance and what type of supplementation, if any, is appropriate?

Over the course of this Quarterly, we take a look at the research and talk to experts across all areas of active nutrition to learn more about gut health, the microbiome and the connection to sports performance.

Elyse Lovett, MBA, MS
Editor – Move Nutrition

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Feature Story: we look at the state of microbiome research on sports nutrition and the three areas of health it may influence from both the active lifestyle and elite athlete perspectives.

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Well known author and sports dietitian Dana Angelo White explores the often overlooked connection between gut health and athletic performance, while providing tips like incorporating fermented foods and more to enhance athletic outcomes.

Postbiotics are emerging alongside pre & probiotics as essential ingredients for gut health. Learn about the benefits for athletes, as well as Kyowa’s Immuse™, a novel postbiotic addressing immune health. 

More research regarding sports & active nutrition and gut health is needed, but here’s your primer on the types of gut/athlete connections researchers are currently investigating.

Get an inside look at microbiome research from Chad Cook, PhD, Research Director at Biofortis. Chad gives us an inside look at studying the microbiome with regard to study designs and the aspects of gut health related to sports & active nutrition.

The “biotics” continue to grow in the marketplace and helping to fuel that growth are new delivery formats, formulations and uses beyond gut health.

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